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Castle Genealogy – Traditional and Forensic Genealogical Services

Forensic Genealogy

Forensic Genealogy

We provide research services for attorneys specializing in estate cases or in need of a forensic genealogist to research a client’s family history and living heirs. Our extensive record of professional research and solutions means we are a trusted source. At the end of our thorough investigation, you will receive an extensive report and tangible records to prove our findings.

Family History

Family History

Discover your family history and reveal your ancestral origins. Find out about the lives of your ancestors and how their stories came together. We will conduct exhaustive research and prepare a complete report for you. Bring life to your family’s story with our personal genealogical services!

Missing Heirs

Missing Heirs

If you are a legal professional in need of assistance in finding a missing heir, let our experienced and exhaustive genealogical research help you in your pursuit. Our proven record of successful research means we are a trusted resource. Castle Genealogy has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of heir searching.  Let our specialized training and proven research methods work for you.

DNA Consultation

DNA Consultation

If you are an adoptee searching for your birth parents, let Castle Genealogy guide you through this challenging and complicated quest.  All consultations and research are strictly confidential.  We have comprehensive experience assisting families with difficult paternal and maternal issues in their family history.  When your DNA test results yield unexpected results, you can rely on us to unravel your family’s genealogical history with privacy and professionalism.

Jeff Castle

Working For You and Your Family

Let our passion for genealogical research give you the answers you seek! Unlike large chains, we offer very personal and individualized service. After we’ve done the searching for you, you will receive a comprehensive report with tangible evidence. Learn more about yourself, and find solutions for your clients, with research services from Castle Genealogy!

See What Out Clients Have to Say

Amy Robinson

I was put in charge of planning my family reunion and I really wanted to present my family with accurate details of our family tree. Jeff, did an amazing job researching my family history and my family was wowed by the findings.

Victoria Gilmore

My mother became estranged from the family before I was born. I had bits and pieces of information that I needed to connect the dots to locate my family. Castle Genealogy help me connect my mother’s past and help me reconnect with the family I never knew. Thank you!

Timothy Hunt

Jeff Castle of Castle Genealogy is our go-to service to help our clients in probate cases. This is usually a very sensitive time for our clients and we need to provide accurate information to help them obtain their inheritance.

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